Public Transportation

Singapore’s transport system is regarded as one of the most efficient, clean, and wide-spread in the world. A comprehensive network of buses, inexpensive taxis, and Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) provide access to every corner of the island.

Taxis are reasonably priced and generally readily available except when it rains and at shift change-over time (around 3-4 p.m.) .

Uber, GrabTaxi and other private hire services have significantly grown in popularity and make traversing Singapore ever-easier with the use of mobile phone apps.

To view a map of all MRT stations and routes, please visit the SMRT website. To view a map of all Bus stations and routes, please visit the SBS Bus website.

Private Transportation

If you intend to drive in Singapore you are required to obtain a Drivers Licence within a year of your arrival, however it is recommended that you apply as soon as you receive your employment or dependent pass.

Owning a car in Singapore can be expensive, but there are many options to rent or lease a car. Note, Singapore has a congestion charging system (ERP) that can add significant cost to all private and taxi car trips.

Health Care

Singapore has one of the most extensive health care systems in the world.

Singapore provides the complete spectrum of medical services from primary care, to health screening, to quaternary care serves such as organ transplants. Foreign patients come to Singapore for a broad range of specialist care including Cardiology, Gynacology, Orthopaedic Surgery, Oncology, Urology, Neurosurgery, besides General Surgery and General Medicine. Singapore has the solid fundatmentals of a regional healthcare hub with its reputation for clinical excellence, highty-trained medical workers, regulated health environment, the availability of the latest medical technology and good infrastructure.

Singapore has both private and public hospitals. The private hospitals tend to have better amenities and are more expensive.

The following have twenty four hour emergency and outpatient departments.

Private Hospitals

Mount Elizabeth Hospital - Tel: 6737-2666

Gleneagles Hospital - Tel: 6473-7222, 6470-5688

Mount Alvernia Hospital (24 hr outpatient) - Tel: 6347-6688

Parkway East Hospital - Tel: 6340-8666

Public Hospitals

Singapore General Hospital - Tel: 6222-3322

Tan Tock Seng Hospital - Tel: 6256-6011

National University Hospital - Tel: 6779-5555

Changi General Hospital - Tel: 6788-8833


Entertainment & Night Life

Since the late 1990s, the government has been striving to promote Singapore as a centre for arts and culture, including theatre and music. This fits in with Singapore's status as a cosmopolitan and multi-racial society, often being called the “gateway between the East and West”. The highlight of this plan is the Esplanade - “Theatres on the Bay”, a centre for performing arts that opened in 2003.

To attract more tourists, the government built two “Integrated Resorts” (IRs), each with a casino component built-in, at Marina South and Sentosa respectively.

The redevelopment of Sentosa has also contributed to Singapore's dynamic entertainment scene, including the annual Zoukout clubbing marathon!

To find out more about upcoming events in SIngapore, check out SISTIC, Singapore's primary ticket booking service

Culture and Religion

Singapore is the second most densely populated independent country in the world.

Singapore’s population, though small at 5.54 million as of June 2015, is relatively diverse compared to most other countries. The Chinese, who have constituted the majority of the island population since the colonial era, account for about 75 % of Singaporeans. Malays, who are the indigenous native group of the country, constitute 13%, Indians are the third largest ethnic group at 9%. The remaining 3% is made up of smaller groups such as Arabs, Thais, Japanese, Caucasians and the Eurasian community.

Singapore is a multi-religious country. More than 40 % of Singaporeans profess that they adhere to Buddhism. Most Muslims are Malay. Christianity in Singapore consists of 14% of the population. Other religions include Sikhism and Hinduism followed mainly by those of Indian descent.


Singapore is an equatorial country with relatively uniform temperature, high humidity, and abundant rainfall.

Average Daily Temperature: 25-31 Degrees Celsius

Average Daily Relative Humidity: 66%

Average Rainfall: 2,623 mm

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